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2016 Articles

5 things to do 5 years before retiring

Americans are making a series of easily fixable mistakes that are…

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December 2016

7 Ways to Avoid Holiday Financial Stress

Don’t let a holiday cash-crunch stress you out.

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November 2016

5 Money Steps Huma Abedin Needs to Take Right Now

Huma Abedin had enough. Hillary Clinton’s right-hand woman…

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August 2016

Summer is over and maybe your marriage

As summer winds down, so may your marriage.

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August 2016

401(k) nightmares: What NOT to do with retirement-plan cash

Life can bring huge expenses, planned and unplanned.

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August 2016

The Secrets of Women Investors

Women used to get a bad rap on Wall Street.

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April 2016

3 ways women and men differ when it comes to investing

When it comes to investing, women differ in three important ways from men, said Zaneilia Harris…

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February 2016

Black millennial’s narrow racial investing gap

African-American millennials might end up being the generation…
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February 2016

Establishing open dialogue right away

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January 2016