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Hello, I’m Zaneilia.

I help successful women make smart, successful decisions about their money.


You know those questions you don’t ask because you secretly worry you should already understand? I answer them. I empower women in every stage of their lives and careers with the guidance to craft savvy, strategic and sustainable plans for their financial futures.

I believe my work as a certified financial planner is a calling, not just a career. I honestly can’t think of a more gratifying way to spend my days, unless of course, shoe shopping is involved. If you’re ready to build, let’s get started.

“I try to think outside the box to reach women like me. If I were on the other side of the table, how would I be able to learn what I need to know?”

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Who said personal finance can’t be fun for women?

Certainly not author Zaneilia Harris, CFP®

In her recent book “Finance ‘N Stilettos: Money Matters for the Well-Heeled Woman,”  Harris manages to take all the usual notions that women have about personal finance –  it’s grim stuff, it’s complicated, it’s all about sacrifice and giving up looking good – and shoves them to the curb.

Making no apologies for her love of shoes, Harris ushers the reader into her sumptuous shoe closet, as she picks up one pair after another, as a way to present important lessons to help readers come into their full financial stride as women of means, power, and purpose.

The book is a lively, easy read, but its wisdom endures, as a result of what Zaneilia reveals about herself, and her own journey toward financial confidence. Purchase your copy today!

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