What’s It All For? Understanding Legacy Planning

Posted Friday April 15, 2016 by hhwealth14

What’s It All For? <i>Understanding Legacy Planning</i>

2016'3 laura-roserAs part of Financial Literacy month, I wanted to discuss the importance of legacy planning.

Most people look at it from one dimension, estate planning and money transfers. But as I learned from Lauren Roser, it’s larger than that.  She shares that “a great legacy is about leveraging your wisdom, skills, gifts, financial assets, and other resources to make an impact.  It’s about living a life full of meaning, joy and service.” In evaluating your family’s personal foundation, mission, and philosophy, look at those things that are non-tangible as well as the tangible. This can be a way to share something deeper with your family that builds on their identity and self-esteem.

I explore this concept further in a discussion with Lauren. Listen as she shares the heart of her work.

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