Planning an Event, Ask Eventworthy, Gwen Haynes

Posted Tuesday June 20, 2017 by hhwealth14

Planning an Event, Ask Eventworthy, Gwen Haynes

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It’s the first day of summer, wedding fever is in the air.  All the plans around organizing this celebratory event can be daunting.  From the intricate details of the venue, décor, cuisine and flowers to the guests, bridal party, photographer, and officiants.  It’s exciting to share such a special occasion with family and friends.  I fondly remember the special moments from my wedding day especially all the enjoyment we had.  My day wouldn’t have been successful if it weren’t for my event planner and her organizational skills.  I truly appreciated that my special day was drama and stress free.

So it’s only natural to want that same type of support when planning a corporate event.  Company events can help you deepen relationships with current and prospective clients.  That’s why I feel hiring an event planner makes a difference and has been beneficial to the success of my past events.   I want to share insights from an interview I had with my personal event planner, Gwen Haynes.  She shares her unique service offerings to organizations looking to host a successful custom-designed client, team building or employee recognition event or conference.


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