Finance can be fun.

Are you a woman who won’t discuss your finances because you don’t want anyone to know you need guidance? Or do you have a powerful title and a string of degrees but feel that when you’ve sought help in the past, you were belittled just because you were a woman? Or perhaps you worry that your current retirement savings aren’t enough to support the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to achieve? Or are you a recent graduate, new to the workforce with no idea where to begin?
Then this book is for you. For all of you.



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Ladies are loving “Finance ‘n Stilettos”!

Here’s what they have to say:

“I just wanted to let you know how much of a blessing it was for me to read your book. It was as if you were sitting with me in a personal conversation. Your book answered questions I had about what certain acronyms stood for and what different financial services were provided by whom…just a sample of my questions. Reading your book was easy and most informative. I shall use the information to move from my present state to one of comfort and establish a legacy for my children and grands. I am so very happy for you and proud beyond expression. Moving forward in your destiny and taking many of us with you pleases God. I love you! God’s favor and grace forever clothe you!”

“Extremely well written! Loved the stories. Loved the tone.”

“It is easy to read and understand. It whet my appetite for more!”

“It speaks about finance in a language women understand — relating it to shoes!”

“Your book reiterated what I already knew about finance and provided a little more! It put it into a more focused perspective for me as a woman.”