End of the Year

Posted Tuesday December 13, 2016 by hhwealth14

End of the Year

Another year is approaching an end, can you believe it? This has been an exciting year
and I hope it has been for you.

Starting up again in January, is my Morning Cup of Finance. I hope you can join in the lively discussions. Last month we talked about the election and how it may affect the stock market. There were some passionate callers on the line for this one. Loved the varying opinions!

As a gift to yourself, consider taking a trip to Sonoma to ensure you are on the right track with your finances. It’s time that you put YOU at the top of your list. Your future depends on YOU knowing where you stand financially. The Finance ‘n Stilettos Wealth retreat, can help you figure that out. There’s been a lot of buzz around the retreat. It’s been featured and advertised in Essence, Huffington Post and Black Enterprise. So as a special holiday gift to you because our personal connection, I’m offering the next six people who sign-up a Savings of $150. But you have to sign-up by January 10th. You will be recognized as my special guests and treated as such!

As always I can’t end without providing some holiday tips. Here are a few I shared in a recent article published by US News and World Report:

Set a per-person shopping budget. It’s not enough to simply know how much you plan to spend in total for the holiday season. You also need to break that number down by person, says Zaneilia Harris, author of Finance ‘n Stilettos and president of Harris & Harris Wealth Management. “The more organized you are and the more detailed you are, the better,” she says. That means naming an exact dollar amount for each person on your shopping list. “Say I’m only going to spend $150 on each kid,” Harris says as an example. Then, once you’ve hit that dollar amount, stop shopping for that person.

Scope out purchases in advance. Harris is also a fan of using online shopping carts as a way to avoid impulse purchases. “You can keep things in your basket and then step away to think about it,” she says. As a bonus, some retailers will email coupons to those who have left a full cart on the site, making a future purchase less expensive.”

Last but not least, my blog, Finance ‘n Stilettos has been recognized as one of the best wealth management blogs for 2017. Here’s the link!

I would like to wish all of my readers a happy and safe holiday season! Let’s connect in early 2017 to come up with resolutions to address your financial needs.

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