Morning Cup of Finance

Posted Sunday October 16, 2016 by hhwealth14

  • Morning Cup of Finance
    January 28, 2017
    8:30 am - 9:00 am


Morning Cup of Finance

MORNING CUP OF FINANCE is just 30 minutes of your time once a month to slow down and talk finance while indulging on your morning coffee, latte, or cappuccino. I am offering this because I understand that discussing finances can be overwhelming sometimes. So, I found this to be a comfortable way to discuss finances, like girlfriends sitting around the kitchen table.

All are welcome and encouraged to participate! To take part in the discussion,

Call (641) 715-3690 | access code 838786#

For additional information email:



Venue Phone: 605-477-3000 | 838786#

Venue Website:

17541 Eleanor Lane, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, 20774, United States

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  1. I plan to be on the call.

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