About Zaneilia Harris

z2About Zaneilia Harris, CFP®

My real relationship with money started when I was in college. We flirted a bit, like all young girls do. Then I found myself becoming more interested in learning about finances, including budgeting and investing.

The real courting happened when I started investing a portion of my monthly income to purchase Money Magazine and read it from cover to cover. At that time, I didn’t completely understand all the concepts in the magazine, but I told myself that the more I read, the better I would understand the ideas.

I became very fascinated with stories that profiled people’s financial challenges and potential solutions. In reading the scenarios, I could see myself helping others with sound financial advice, so I wrote it down in my personal journal of my dreams and aspirations as a career I will pursue.

In 2000, I made the commitment. I started my investment career with Edward Jones Investments and after success in the corporate world, I started Harris and Harris Wealth Management. Why? I was frustrated with the way investment companies treated women. The way they spoke to us, and the way they overlooked us. My focus would be to provide financial support to successful professional women, the way only a woman can.

I am happy to say that now my purpose and my profession are one. WBENC-logoI am able to help women solve their financial challenges and achieve their dreams, whether that is having the freedom to travel the world or provide the best education to their children. This has always been my dream relationship with financial planning — helping other women fulfill their dreams.

More About Zaneilia Harris

I grew up in a small town in Southern Virginia with my grandparents. During that time, my grandmother became the primary breadwinner for our household. One day we had a conversation about my father. My father wasn’t an active participant in my life. She asked me “Should I take your father to court for child support?” Now I was 8 or 9 years old and didn’t realize the implications this decision would have over my life. In my boldness, I told her “No, if he didn’t want to support me than we don’t need his support.” WOW, I just made one of my first financial decisions. This decision would impact me for the rest of my life.

I started working at a young age from assisting my neighbor on their farm to babysitting my cousins. Whatever funds I received, my grandmother allowed me to manage. At that point, I became MY OWN FINANCIAL PLANNER. I made plans on how I would spend those funds and what situations were practical. I still carry that responsibility with me to this day. The seed was being planted and it’s what drew me to becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. This path is why I’m here today. I heard someone say “YOUR BEGINNING DOESN’T DETERMINE YOUR ENDING.”